Blog Post 7: JackBox Game

Discuss mechanics and your experience with your peers in the game.

I think this game can be classified as a party game. And the core mechanics of this particular party game is Voting. The reason is that the game’s winning and losing decisions are not determined by the player’s performance, but by the player’s performance in order to attract the audience and allow the audience to vote for the winner. This is my first time playing this game. It was a very new experience, especially when the discussion was about game knowledge, and each of us had our own personal interest and understanding of the game, which made voting even more interesting.

How does playing with an audience affect the game?

Playing with an audience is the most important part of the game. I mentioned earlier that players need the support of the audiences to win the match. Therefore, the audiences need to be fair and spontaneous in order to make the game go smoothly.



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